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Roadside Safety, Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

Kingsport, TN Most of us hop into our vehicles and hit the road without giving it much thought. Never does anyone expect to breakdown on the side of the road, but when it does happen, don’t be unprepared. Follow these simple tips to be ahead of the game and prepare yourself for the unexpected. Safety…
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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Tailgating Season!

Kingsport, TN Tailgating undoubtedly goes hand in hand with football season. In fact, many people put more effort into the pre-game festivities than the game itself. Finding new, yet creative ways to outdo last year's party can seem rather challenging, but here's how you can be sure that your vehicle is ready for the tailgating…
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What To Do If You Breakdown On The Highway

Kingsport, TN Breaking down on the side of the highway is always inconvenient. A flat tire, dead battery, or mechanical malfunction can leave you stranded and in danger as other vehicles zoom past. Here are some tips for how to safely handle a breakdown when it happens to you. Move to the right If your…
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Safety Tips For Summer Driving

Kingsport, TN You would think that driving in the summer time should be safer than any other time of year. After all, it could not possibly seem as dangerous as icy roads during the winter or flooded roads in the spring, right? There are quite a few reasons why driving in the summer is as…
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